HPCS series servo numerical control single column press hydraulic press

HPCS series servo numerical control single column press hydraulic press

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1. The fuselage C-type structure, the four guiding structures on the upper worktable are stable and reliable.

2. The oil circuit control system uses pump control instead of the traditional hydraulic valve control, which is more energy-saving and reliable.

3, PLC programming, industrial touch screen programming process parameters.

4, displacement, speed, pressure precision control, arbitrary adjustment on the industrial touch screen.

5, provide remote network services, the machine automatically alarms to indicate faults and maintenance.

6, suitable for assembly of small parts, imprinting, forming, punching, trimming, stretching and other production processes.


1, high efficiency and energy saving, electricity consumption is 30%-50% energy saving than ordinary motors.

2, low noise, noise can be controlled at about 60 decibels.

3, working position, speed, pressure can be adjusted infinitely.

4, rapid response, pressure, position repeatability is high.

5, high efficiency, multiple protection inside, the failure rate is extremely low.

6, 12 hours of continuous work does not require cooling oil temperature.

7. Pipes and joints adopt SEA international standards to prevent oil leakage from pipes.

8, using button centralized control, (fixed / constant pressure) two control methods, (adjustment / automatic) two modes of operation.

9, European CE standard hydraulic system and electrical safety IP54 grade.


Applicable to: small and medium-sized motors, auto parts, machine tools, aviation, electronics, electrical appliances, hardware and other components.

1. (Selection example: HPCS-16T) is mainly suitable for press fitting and assembly of shafts or sleeves of various parts. Trimming, forming, stamping and sealing small parts.

2. (Selection example: HPCS-16T/6T-E) is mainly used for the pressing, assembly, molding process of metal materials, or the flanging, trimming and forming of small and medium-sized metal parts.

3. (Selection example: HPCS-16T/6T-C) is mainly used for the stretch forming process of metal materials, such as sheet stretching and forming of small and medium-sized metal parts.

4. This series of machines has high degree of automation, high stability, energy saving and low noise. It is the latest machine to replace the traditional hydraulic machine, especially suitable for mass production of parts.