DVCP series single column high precision servo hydraulic press

DVCP series single column high precision servo hydraulic press

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Hydraulic machine use

This machine is suitable for various stamping processes such as press fitting, bending, forming, punching blanking, turning over, etc. It is especially suitable for the following fields. Auto parts: motor, body cover, brake pads, fuel tank, chassis, axle housing, bumper; household appliances: kitchen appliances.

Hydraulic machine features

The machine adopts a C-type structure with a hydraulic cylinder, and adopts imported high-pressure gear pump and servo motor and driver to control the action. The system is equipped with high-precision pressure sensor and displacement control ruler. With independent power mechanism and electrical system, dimension control PLC programmable controller programming, button centralized control, Siemens touch screen modification programming parameters. It can realize the process functions of fixed process, constant pressure, jog and single cycle automatic operation. On the master cylinder, the lower limit position, fast and slow speed control adopts magnetic scale control, and the process parameters can be set on the touch screen. The operation is simple and safe. The cylinder is controlled by a pressure sensor to display the pressure.

Servo hydraulic machine product advantages

1. Energy saving: Significant energy saving, improved efficiency and energy saving of 30-50%.

2. Environmental protection: Reduce CO2 emissions and reduce the cost of use.

3. Safety: The servo motor brakes faster than the ordinary motor.

4. Accuracy: The precision can reach one wire (0.001MM), and the working pressure and speed can be set arbitrarily on the operation display.