Application field of 200t oil press


Application field of Wuxi 200t hydraulic press - Wuxi Kelite Precision Hydraulic Machinery Factory mainly produces 10-2000 tons of 8 series, more than 100 varieties of various single-column, four-column, frame type CNC servo hydraulic press. To buy Hydraulic Press, the hydraulic press will go to Ke Lai.


1. Hydraulic press is a kind of hydraulic press. Hydraulic press transmits pressure with oil. Hydraulic press has many kinds. It can transfer pressure with oil or water. Most hydraulic presses are made of oil.
2. Hydraulic press (one kind of hydraulic press) is a kind of special hydraulic oil as working medium, through the hydraulic pump as a power source, by the action of the pump hydraulic oil through the hydraulic pipeline into the cylinder/piston, then the cylinder/piston in a few groups of seals with each other, different seals in different positions, but all rise To seal the role, so that hydraulic oil can not leak. Finally, one-way valve makes the hydraulic oil circulate in the tank to make the cylinder / piston cycle work so as to complete a certain mechanical action as a kind of machinery of productivity.
3. Hydraulic press is a kind of machine which takes liquid as working medium and is made according to Pascal's principle to transfer energy to realize various processes. The hydraulic press is generally made up of three parts: the main engine, the power system and the hydraulic control system. Hydraulic machines are classified as valve hydraulic press, liquid hydraulic press and engineering hydraulic press.
Development prospect and direction of hydraulic press in the future
The hydraulic press is a kind of machine equipment made of liquid, which is skillfully made of Pascal principle. Its main role is to enable various industrial processes to be realized.
With the continuous progress of the times, people's requirements for product technology are constantly improving. In addition, the state is encouraging a variety of large-scale public infrastructure construction, the need for a variety of large-scale construction equipment is also increasing; and the production of such equipment can not be separated from hydraulic technology. So in the future for a long time, the development prospect of hydraulic press is also considerable.
The earliest hydraulic press appeared in 1795 and was invented by J. in England. It was first applied to product packaging and oil extraction. But after more than 200 years of development, now the hydraulic technology is not confined to the traditional packaging and squeezing oil, it has extended to forging molding, product correction, pressing, pressing and other more advanced technology fields. And science and technology is still in constant progress, the birth of new production tools for industrial manufacturing processes put forward higher requirements. So the future hydraulic press should move towards the direction of high accuracy.
Compared with traditional stamping technology, hydraulic technology has the advantages of reducing the weight of products, the number of parts and the number of dies. It has greatly improved the quality of products and made a significant contribution in light weight production. Because of this technology, it is also widely used in aerospace, automobile and other manufacturing industries.
Therefore, in the future development direction of hydraulic press, we should try to combine with manufacturing industry as much as possible. Meet the needs of modern manufacturing, especially the high-tech industries for the "sophisticated, lightweight and thin" era.
Four-column hydraulic press, also known as hydraulic press, is made of Pascal's law using liquid pressure transmission machinery, a variety of. Of course, the use is also varied according to needs. For example, according to the type of liquid that passes the pressure, there are two categories: oil press and hydraulic press. The total pressure produced by the hydraulic press is large, and is often used for forging and stamping. Forging hydraulic press is divided into two types: die forging hydraulic press and free forging hydraulic press. Die forging hydraulic press should use mould, while free forging hydraulic press does not need mould. The first 10000 ton hydraulic press made in China is a free forging hydraulic press. Four column hydraulic press is composed of two parts: main engine and control mechanism. The main part of hydraulic press includes hydraulic cylinder, cross beam, column and liquid filling device. The power mechanism consists of an oil tank, a high pressure pump, a control system, an electric motor, a pressure valve and a directional valve. The hydraulic press is suitable for the pressing process of plastic materials. Such as powder products molding, plastic products molding, cold (hot) extrusion metal molding, sheet drawing and transverse pressure, bending, inversion, correction and other processes. Four-column hydraulic press has independent power mechanism and electrical system. It can realize three operation modes: adjustment, manual and semi-automatic by using button centralized control.
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