Two beam four column hydraulic press classification


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The hydraulic transmission system of four-column hydraulic press consists of power mechanism, control mechanism, actuator, auxiliary mechanism and working medium. Power plants usually use oil pumps as power units, usually as integral oil pumps. In order to meet the requirements of actuator speed, an oil pump or multiple pumps are selected. Gear pumps for low pressure (oil pressure less than 2.5 MP); vane pumps for medium pressure (oil pressure less than 6.3 MP); and plunger pumps for high pressure (oil pressure less than 32.0 MP). Pressure processing and forming of various plastic materials, such as extrusion, bending, stretching of stainless steel sheets and cold forming of metal parts, can also be used for pressing powder products, grinding wheels, bakelite, resin thermosetting products.
Preparation for precision adjustment of four column hydraulic press:
1, remove the work surface and the upper slide block lower surface burrs rub clean.
2. Check whether the connection between the cylinder piston and the upper plane of the slider is tightly and reliably, and lock it under load.
3. Prepare one dial, one big dial stand, one small dial stand, one magnetic dial stand, one flat ruler, one angular ruler, and a number of plugs. All the above tools should be inspected to meet the required standards.
4, four column hydraulic movement is normal, can reliably stay at any position.
For hollow variable cross-section structural parts, the traditional manufacturing process is to stamp two and a half pieces, and then weld them into a whole. Hydraulic forming can form hollow structural parts with different cross-section at one time. Compared with stamping welding process, hydroforming technology and technology have the following advantages:
1. reduce quality and save materials. For typical parts such as automobile engine bracket and radiator bracket, hydraulic forming parts can reduce 20% ~ 40% than stamping parts, and for hollow stepped shaft parts, 40% ~ 50% weight can be reduced.
2. reduce parts and mold quantity, reduce mold cost. Hydroforming parts usually only need 1 sets of molds, and stamping parts mostly require multiple sets of molds. Hydraulically formed engine bracket parts from 6 to 1, radiator bracket parts from 17 to 10.
3. it can reduce the welding volume of subsequent machining and assembly. Taking the radiator bracket as an example, the heat dissipation area increased by 43%, the solder joints decreased from 174 to 20, the working procedure decreased from 13 to 6, and the productivity increased by 66%.
4. Increasing the strength and stiffness, especially the fatigue strength, such as hydroforming radiator support, the stiffness can be increased by 39% in the vertical direction and 50% in the horizontal direction.
5. reduce production costs. According to the statistical analysis of the hydraulic forming parts, the production cost of the hydraulic forming parts is reduced by 15%-20% on average, and the die cost is reduced by 20%-30%.
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